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Kletter + Nguyen Law LLP is recognized for its attorneys´ experience in handling real estate litigation including actions in partition, buyer/seller disputes, landlord-tenant litigation, as well as real estate fraud, tenant “buy-outs” and other real estate disputes. Cary Kletter is not only a licensed attorney, he is also a licensed real estate broker, giving him an edge in real estate litigation.

"Kletter + Nguyen Law LLP helped me tremendously with my real estate dispute. The attorneys at Kletter + Nguyen Law LLP were always professional, extremely knowledgeable and had just the right amount of moxie to get the case settled exactly as we hoped. Thank you!" Jeanette Struck, a satisfied client.

"Before I met the lawyers at Kletter + Nguyen Law LLP, I really felt I had no one to help me. As soon as Kletter + Nguyen Law LLP became my advocates, I felt empowered and that I had excellent representation. Ultimately, Kletter + Nguyen Law LLP made my landlord pay over $140,000 to settle my case." Blanca Herrera, a satisfied client.

“I hired Cary to help me regarding a real estate issue. He was very thorough in the questions he asked and extremely knowledgeable about all the legal concerns involved. What I really liked about him was that he treated me like a person rather than just another client and made me feel like my relatively smaller case mattered just as much as one with the potential million dollar settlement. He was professional, supportive, and responsive, and went above and beyond to make sure my issue got resolved. I would highly recommend his firm without hesitation.” Another satisfied client.

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