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For Cary Kletter and Yosef Peretz, there is no distinction between where work ends and altruistic idealism begins. By day, Cary and Yosef advocate for their civil litigation firm's clients, most of whom are from marginalized socio-economic backgrounds and are facing employment discrimination, struggling against eviction, or fighting real estate fraud. "It's a job that's also a mission," Yosef explains when describing the practice whose roots are firmly planted in public interest law. "We are idealists who view the law as a practical way to effect change and make other people's lives better". Their work for underserved populations doesn't end when the office closes for the evening.

After hours, Cary and Yosef donate their energy and resources to helping the clients of ALRP. In the past two years since joining ALRP, Cary and Yosef have provided pro bono legal assistance to over 25 clients in areas of law such as employment, insurance, landlord/tenant, and real estate. Their extraordinary efforts have saved many ALRP clients from homelessness and the financial insecurity and hopelessness that follow a discriminatory employment termination.

In addition to their work with ALRP, Cary and Yosef also donate a large amount of their time to the Volunteer Legal Services Program of the Bar Association of San Francisco, East Bay Community Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, San Francisco Tenants Union, and the St. Peters Housing Committee.

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