Business Litigation

Business Litigations

The firm's business litigation practice encompasses contract disputes; partnership disputes, and co-founder conflicts. The attorneys at Kletter Law have together over 25 years of experience representing litigants in courts throughout California and beyond.

“Mr. Kletter helped us negotiate with a stubborn and sloppy contractor who ultimately capitulated to our needs.  Mr. Kletter was timely in our correspondences and was clear and to the point with the other party.  He is a very amicable and fair individual who means business!  What more could you want from your lawyer?”  Todd Y., a satisfied client.

Sometimes a sensitive settlement strategy is crucial and at other times forceful litigation is necessary. Business disputes often hinge on contract interpretation and expert witnesses often prove to be critical to success at trial.  At times pre-litigation negotiation is successful and other times trial is the only way to achieve your objectives. At Kletter Law, we are experienced trial counsel, having successfully litigated business disputes in courts throughout the State. Our experience enables us to assist our clients in choosing the right option for their unique circumstances.

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