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Class Action Settlements

Kletter Law handles individual cases, PAGA claims and class action cases involving employment disputes.  A class action is a lawsuit involving one or several persons suing on behalf of a group of similarly situated individuals. A PAGA claim is a claim under the California Private Attorney General Act where certein employees are deputized to act in the capacity of the California Labor

In employment disputes, class actions and PAGA claims provide a mechanism to counter the power imbalance between employees and large corporations and institutions.  Employees whose rights have been violated by their employers are typically not alone.  In fact, an employer’s misconduct usually harms an entire class of workers.  For example, an employer may have an unlawful practice of not compensating employees for all hours worked, not paying overtime premium wages or denying employees  their meal or rest breaks. While the harm done to one employee may result in a relatively small recovery, combining the claims of a group of similarly situated employees can result in a large recovery.  Additionally, pursuing a class action or PAGA lawsuit allows employees to take a stance against a powerful employer to seek justice and prevent the employer from continuing its unlawful conduct.

Common employment class actions and PAGA claims involve the following types of claims:

  • Unpaid wages and/or unpaid overtime;
  • Misclassification of employees as “exempt” from overtime pay;
  • Failure to provide meal and/or rest breaks;
  • Failure to reimburse employees for required tools and uniform; and
  • Not including bonus pay in overtime calculations.

 We have successfully represented more than 10,000 employees in class action and PAGA litigation in California.

Kletter Law has represented employees in multiple wage and hour class actions against large companies, including White Cap Construction Supply, Carters Retail, Inc., King Security Services, Inc. and Boudin Bakeries and obtained very favorable results. We are experienced, passionate and dedicated to protecting the rights of employees. If you feel you have been wronged by your employer, call 415.434.3400 or contact us online for an in-person consultation.

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